PaveTech Consulting Inc. is an independent “third-party” consulting group licensed and insured, with no ties, agreements, or other collusive interests. PaveTech specializes in the proper inspection, repair, maintenance, and design of new and existing roadways, parking lots, and parking structure.
In addition to design, PaveTech also performs many Quality Assurance site visits to ensure that the design is carried out quickly and correctly in the field. Project protocols shall closely follow to the methods developed by the department of transportation and best practices within the industry to help provide objectivity and professionalism.

PaveTech Consulting, Inc. staff are impassioned to continue furthering their industry knowledge so that our clients always receive the highest level of information, recommendations, and services. As the construction industry continues to evolve PaveTech Consulting, Inc. will assess the landscape and continue to grow and adapt to be a leader in the pavement consulting industry.


At the start of 2020, PaveTech Consulting, Inc. branched off from RoofTech Consulting, Inc. We noticed the growing need of our existing clients for the management and design of their existing roadways, parking lots, ADA designs, and parking structures.

We addressed that by performing physical inspections of pavement and parking structures to assess current condition, concerns, maintenance items, and life expectancy. It is essentially an investment and an insurance policy for our clients.

Cale Prokopf

Cale Prokopf, RRO, REWO
President, PaveTech Consulting, Inc.


Staff that was Integral in the evaluation, design, and management for national pavement programs for several clients with over 1000 properties.

Head estimator for a Department of Transportation pavement contractor.

Field Engineer for a Department of transportation pavement contractor – mix design testing and verification.

IDOT Certified Gradation Technician.

Campus wide parking lot, parking structures, and roadway evaluations.


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As the construction industry continues to evolve RoofTech Consulting, Inc. will assess the landscape and continue to grow and adapt to be an industry leader in the consulting industry. Please visit our partner company Rooftech Consulting, Inc. another Prokopf Holdings entity.

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