During the first phase of our process, our expert team works with you to provide a complete evaluation of your pavement/parking assets.

The goal of Phase 1 is to provide a time frame for when the work should be completed and budget for the recommended work.

You can read more about Phase 1 here.

Once a PaveTech Consulting expert has performed an evaluation and the project’s needs are accurately assessed, we are ready to begin Phase 2 where we evaluate the submissions and begin the preconstruction meetings.

Phase 2 begins with the gathering of design data and details for the project.

This information is gathered from three sources:

  • Measurements and visual data collection while onsite
  • Cores samples
  • Existing drawings or design documents

All of this information along with owner’s needs, existing use of the site, and budget go into the final design of a project.

After a final review by the owner,

the Project Manual is provided to 3-5 qualified and competent contractors.

During the onsite prebid meeting, the full scope of work is reviewed verbatim and the site is walked with all bidders to help them gain familiarity with the project.

After submission of the bids, the PaveTech Team will interview low bidders.

During this interview, the scope of work is reviewed verbatim (again) so that all parties are confident that the bid is complete, and that the contractor is fully understanding of the requirements of the project. This is a critical step to ensuring that the optimal installer is selected for the project … there is more to this than most would believe.

The next step involves review of the contractor submittal package.

This is the critical point where a good design transitions into a good project transition. If a submittal package is allowed to vary from the design, the entire project may become compromised.

So, what do we do?

We meticulously review all product data, samples, and shop drawings included to ensure that all items are in strict conformance with the Project Manual.

Now it is time for all the stakeholders to meet and have an onsite pre-construction meeting.

This type of meeting, before construction begins, allows for everyone to firmly be on the same page when construction commences. The overall goal is to eliminate any ‘surprises’ during the execution phase of the install, and a completely transparent pre-construction meeting accomplishes this objective.

At this meeting, a PaveTech expert will facilitate a discussion between the owner and installer to hash out all of the details, phasing, logistics, and schedule of activities associated with the project.

This concludes Phase 2 of the PaveTech Consulting process.

Stay Tuned For Phase 3

We’ll discuss the quality assurance role that we take on during the construction phase.