The Result

With the assessment completed, we provided a full scope of work on the garage repairs and detail enhancements needed.

For this parking garage, a lack of general maintenance over the years was determined to be the root cause of most issues identified. Specifically, starting from the top, many areas of deteriorated sealant and non-standard details were allowing water to enter the structure in an unplanned, undesirable way. This resulted in rusting and deterioration of many components like door jambs, fire suppression pipes, and electrical junction boxes. It also negatively impacted the interior concrete floors and walls.

We observed that the drainage system was in disrepair and unable to adequately handle water. We determined that by mitigating the water intrusion, the larger maintenance items could then be addressed. This allowed immediate action to be taken with minimal budget while allowing the owner to develop a plan and allocate needed funding for the costliest repair items.

For the client, we created and outlined a multiphase approach to correcting the issues we identified while working within their budget constraints. By identifying the cause of the multiple minor repairs, we helped prevent them from continually having major & ongoing repair bills that essentially were temporary fixes while not realizing the main issues at hand. This not only saves them time and money while chasing “fixes,” it helps ensure a sound structure for years to come.