After the evaluation of your pavement/parking assets in Phase 1 and the preconstruction meetings/planning in Phase 2, we’re ready to move into Phase 3 of our process: Quality Assurance During Construction.

After spending time analyzing and ensuring that every part of the project meets specific design criteria, construction on the project begins. Our role during this process is something that sets us apart from other consultants. We provide comprehensive oversight to ensure the project is completed as specified and that the job is progressing effectively and efficiently.

We provide comprehensive oversight.

During the work, our crew is onsite making sure that all elements of the project are being installed as the design requires. Deviations from this design will be address and corrected.

Specialized field testing can be provided as justified by the scope of the project:

  • Nuclear density gauge
  • Aggregate density testing
  • Concrete slump and air content
  • Concrete cylinder casting
  • Coring to verify thickness of the structure
  • Lab test to determine mix designs and performances

One of the most important benefits we offer is the assurance that your project is completed correctly the FIRST time. It is our attention to detail and oversight on projects that allow us to make this claim.

During our QA visits we have a checklist of items that require observation/inspection/confirmation:

  • Subgrade and surface preparation is suitable for the project
  • All repairs are being performed in the correct location(s) as specified
  • The correct material(s)/mixes are being utilized
  • Work is performed at the right depth/thickness(es)
  • Any temperature restrictions associated with the design are adhered to
  • Proper ADA upgrades are completed (signage, ramp slope, striping, etc.)

All these details are potential pitfalls, and owners of these assets need to know that everything that needs to be addressed is being addressed without cutting any corners.

As a third-party, independent consultant, we are in a unique position to provide that peace of mind that owners are looking for.

With this in mind, we hope that you consider us for your next project.

Let us show you just how comprehensive and reliable our process is.